Cannabis News Roundup: 08.08.14

Aug 8, 2014

Statewide regulation proposal revised… Santa Clara County tightens rules on dispensaries…  Why not sell CBD-rich pot in pharmacies? …Which state has the heaviest users?... and more.


 “Clear benefits for patients” in latest revisions on SB 1262 // Americans for Safe Access   Changes in statewide regulation are outlined.

Cal NORML also likes revised SB 1262 //         But concerns remain.

Santa Clara County, fearing “dispensary migration,” bans them in the county //  Mercury News    This follows San Jose’s recent decision to make most existing dispensaries move, or close shop.

Legalization support expands in wake of NYT endorsement // Marijuana Business Daily        “Advocates say the recent flurry of positive press is helping to change the perception of cannabis and marijuana businesses among the general public and lawmakers.”

Close to 90 % of Floridians favor legalization of medical marijuana // Florida Today          "The reason they (Floridians) are overwhelmingly in favor is that disease and injury do not pick political affiliation or age," campaign says.

Legalization initiative approved for November ballot in Washington, DC //     Polls indicate 60 percent of voters are in favor.


Sell CBD-rich cannabis in liquor stores, not pharmacies? // Marijuana Business Daily     Utah lawmaker says DEA might be happier with this plan.


NYT prints Leafly ad //      Now that the New York Times endorses cannabis legalization it is also accepting advertisements from companies associated with the plant. Sunday’s ad for is that company’s first in a mainstream publication. Their website rates and describes various strains of pot. Click on the link above to see the advertisement, if you haven’t already.


National Inst. of Health backs CBD-based treatment // Fox Business News     Athletes with repeated head trauma would be the first recipients.


Pot thieves arrested after police spot plants hanging out the window //       They were driving with the lights off, maybe so they wouldn’t attract attention. If so, it didn’t work.


Cannabis use in Rhode Island is nearly double the national average // Marijuana Business Daily     Other heavy hitters: Alaska, Vermont and Oregon.

A visit with pot pioneer Dennis Peron // Herald Tribune         Some think Peron, of San Francisco, is the “chief villain” in the national move to legalize marijuana; others call him the “pioneering hero.”