Cannabis News Roundup: February 28, 2014

Feb 28, 2014

Exclusive update on Christian dispensary court appearance… Denver plans first recreational smoke trade show… More states consider legalization… “Smoke shack” dynamited in Colorado… and more


Christian cannabis club challenges IRS // Time

>> UPDATE: Lanette Davis, director of Canna Care, told the CNR yesterday that they had “an awesome hearing” in court with the federal judge on Monday and Tuesday, in San Francisco. They passed the audit: “their figures matched ours.” She said this case is similar to the long running battle Oakland’s Harborside Health Center is having with the IRS concerning business expenses. A court response is not expected before July, according to Davis.

Businesses advised to abandon over-used names // MJ Business Daily                               Hmm…does that mean it's time for a name change here? 

L.A. dispensaries could be charged, even after complying with new law // LA Weekly

Five day fest planned in Denver, including first recreational smoke trade show // SF Gate 


These two states likely to be next to legalize, as momentum continues // NYT

But don't expect these four states to join in, governors say // CNN


Cannabis DNA Initiative tracking genetic analysis // CW Analytical

First-ever "suspected fatal cannabis intoxications" reported // USA Today       Underlying health problems aggravated by smoking


Popular “smoke shack” dynamited at Colorado ski resort // Huff Post

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