Cannabis News Roundup: January 31, 2014

Jan 31, 2014

Medical cannabis in CA is a “con job,” says Law Enforcement … Hemp study included in House farm bill… Banks leery of working with dispensaries… Super Bowl billboard competition…  Flying high to Denver… and more.


“California’s medical marijuana law is a giant con job” says State law enforcement // SacBee


Hemp legalization included in final House farm bill // Mercury News


Cash-only transactions at dispensaries should be eliminated “soon” // Huff Post

....but banks don’t want to take chances “unless the law changes” // Orange County Register

“Pot tourism” credited with increased flights to Denver // River Front Times

Next two years will be the “best time ever” for cannabis investors: DeAngelo // SF Gate

Super Bowl billboard competition: pot vs. beer // SF Gate


Is “a puff enough” to ward off disease? This author says yes//

Seahawks coach says NFL should explore medical cannabis // ESPN


Today’s biggest problem with marijuana? “Unfair incarceration of millions of people” // Jon Carroll, SF Gate

Feds should step aside and let states regulate cannabis // SF Gate

It’s time to end the research ban on psychoactive drugs // Scientific American


Denver County Fair will include cannabis competitions // Huff Post

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