Cannabis News Roundup: November 9, 2012

Nov 9, 2012

(SFGate) //  Voters in Washington and Colorado approved recreational use of marijuana, giving new hope to a renewed effort in California, despite consistently lackluster support in polls.

(Register Guard) // Oregon’s efforts at legalization failed. Lane County, home of the University of Oregon, was the only one where the slimmest majority voted in favor.

(Washington Post) // Legalization in two states “changes the rules of the game,” according to the chief adviser of the incoming President of Mexico.

(IMCO) // A study in Mexico published prior to election day found legalization could leave drug traffickers “facing the largest structural shock in Mexico since the massive arrival of cocaine in the late eighties.”

(SFGate) // Know the law: your medical cannabis prescription isn’t valid if you’ve been convicted of illegally distributing marijuana.

(Radio Netherlands) //  The Netherlands is preparing for legislation, scheduled to take effect January 1, that will require Dutch citizens to register for “weed passes” in order to smoke marijuana in coffee shops. The mayor of Amsterdam, who originally favored the law, now predicts that such a restriction will cause foreign visitors to “swarm all over the city looking for drugs.”