City Visions: Juvenile Sex Trafficking in the Bay Area

Jun 3, 2014

How will Prop 35 help trafficked girls?

The FBI has identified the Bay Area as one of the biggest 'hot spots' for this crime across the country.  Outcry over the prevalence of child sex trafficking led to the successful passage of Prop 35 in 2012, which strengthens prosecution for criminals. Host Joseph Pace discusses the impact of Prop 35 with expert local guests. 

Guests include Nancy O'Malley, District Attorney of Alameda County, Nola Brantley, Co-Founder of MISSSEY, Inspector Tony Flores of the SFPD SVU and Chris Kelly, former Chief Privacy Officer at Facebook and champion of Prop 35, the CASE Act, which passed in 2012.


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Produced by Victoria Thorp