Conversation with Chief Adult Probation Officer Wendy Still

Jul 30, 2014

Wendy Still is San Francisco's chief adult probation officer.
Credit The Wall Street Journal

California was recently granted an extension to meet the federal government's mandate to reduce its prison population. That extension came with specific requirements, for example, the federal court ordered the state to incorporate more programs like San Francisco's Re-entry Pod to help prepare inmates for release. KALW's Holly Kernan sat down with San Francisco's Chief Adult Probation Officer Wendy Still to discuss some of the changes.

WENDY STILL: "We're tracking all the individuals that actually go through the pod and while most other counties have experienced an increase in jail population I'm very pleased to report that ... the jail population during this realignment time has dropped by 25 percent and probation has a successful termination rate of 85 percent of our population in 2013."

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