Thu May 15, 2014
Out in the Bay ~ 5/15/14 ~ 7pm Thursday

Destiny Arts: Helping Youth Out

Even in the S.F. Bay Area, growing up gay is still not easy.  Thursday on Out in the Bay, a teen performs live on-the-air her coming-out monologue, given onstage at Destiny Art Center's Youth Performance Company show in Oakland last month.  Host Eric Jansen will talk with Justine and with Princetonation, a young Destiny Arts choreographer and musician - and we'll hear some of his music - and with Destiny's artistic director, Sarah Crowell, who will fill us in on the 25-year-old performing arts center that helps young people face all sorts of challenges.  Streams and airs live at 7pm PDT Thursday, May 15, at www.kalw.org and 91.7 FM Bay Area. 

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