Dying to Talk: Filmmaker Justin Baldoni talks death — and life

Sep 29, 2016

Justin Baldoni, Actor and Filmmaker
Credit TJ Manou

Join us Sunday, October 2 at 8am — When death approaches, an extraordinary thing happens: we become fully present to life.

In the new CW documentary series, My Last Days, actor and filmmaker, Justin Baldoni, captures this inexplicable irony in every story. Join Dr. Dawn Gross as she and Justin talk and discover how being close to death can inspire us to be fully alive.

Dr Dawn Gross, Host of Dying to Talk
Credit Gurusurya Photography

Dawn Gross, MD, PhD has been caring for people with life-threatening illnesses for over a decade. Dr. Dawn is committed to revolutionizing the way we talk about — and prepare for — death. And on her special KALW series Dying To Talk, she and her guests will create a safe space to transform the experience of end-of-life conversations from dread to discovery.


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