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Fog City Blues: Aki Kumar + extra hour

Sep 21, 2016

Aki Kumar, the world's first professional blues harmonica player to hail from India, kicks off a special three-hour edition of Fog City Blues.

Born and raised in Bombay (now Mumbai), Kumar established his mark on the West Coast blues scene as frontman of the Bay Area's highly acclaimed blues outfit Tip of the Top. His new album Aki Goes to Bollywood, is an unprecedented mashup of Bollywood pop and American blues. He and guitarist Kid Anderson join host Devon Strolovitch live in the studio this Wednesday 9/21 at 9 pm.

Aki Kumar is one of the Bay Area artists featured on Live From the Fog City Blues Volume 2, which is available (along with the new Volume 3) EXCLUSIVELY as a thank-you gift when you donate to your local public radio station.