Hacking "should not be a surprise," says local FBI agent | KALW

Hacking "should not be a surprise," says local FBI agent

Jan 5, 2017

Last year, hackers obtained and released the emails of Democratic Party leaders, potentially affecting the presidential election. Earlier this fall, Yahoo! revealed that 500 million users had been hacked, only to disclose last month that another 1 billion accounts had been breached by a different attack in 2013.

All of these examples are criminal consequences of the digital age. So here in the Bay Area, home to a wealth of Silicon Valley companies, what will 2017 have in store? That’s a question for M.K. Palmore, the Assistant Special Agent in charge of the cyber branch of the FBI's San Francisco Division.

PALMORE: Here in the United States, for instance, we have placed more of our personal and business information in the networked environment than any other country on the planet. So the fact that we happen to be targets of hackers and nation-states should not be a surprise to anyone.