Hear Here: David Peterkofsky and the Cathedral of Christ the Light

Jan 7, 2013

The foreclosure crisis has hit East Oakland particularly hard, but down the road by Lake Merritt, a community space has been able to keep its doors open. The Oakland Cathedral, more formally known as Cathedral of Christ the Light, is hard to miss with its towering glass and steel facade. Since its opening in the fall of 2008, it's become a place where Catholics and non-Catholics alike have come for peace and solace. And today, it's the subject of our most recent edition of Hear Here.

Our Hear Here producers have been asking you for places in your neighborhood that are meaningful to you. Oakland resident David Peterkofsky contributed these thoughts for our ongoing community storytelling project.

David Peterkofsky contributed this piece online for our community storytelling project, Hear Here – and you can do so as well! Record your own story of a significant place at the Hear Here website. You can also find the project on Facebook and follow it on Twitter at@hearhereradio.