Hear Here: Eric Hannan remembers working at 81st Ave. Library in Oakland

Jan 7, 2014

Eric Hannan was only supposed to work as the 81st Avenue Library's Teen Service Director for a few weeks. He ended up staying two years.

"There was a gunshot blast through one of the front windows,” he remembers. “And that was the very first thing I saw when I saw that library." Despite that first impression, Hannan loved his time at the library, and thinks that it is a wonderful place both for staff, and for the young people who came there.

He now works as the Teen Librarian for the Main Branch of the San Francisco Public Library, but says that he cried for weeks when he had to leave Oakland. He shared that story with our Hear Here community storytelling project at the Visatacion Valley branch library in San Francisco.

Click the audio player above to listen to the complete story.

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