Hear Here: Where we've been

Jun 22, 2012

Back in April, Hear Here set up for its first public interviews in the community room of the Golden Gate Branch of the Oakland Public Library. Underneath the stomping feet of children's story hour going on in the library above, local residents shared their own stories with Hear Here producers on the theme of Work. Since that first recording date, Hear Here has revisited the Golden Gate library to hear more stories – and has popped up in the San Francisco library system at the Main and Ortega branches. The project also moved on to the theme of Eat.

At the Ortega library, aspiring baker Ryan Lee explained how to make perfect loaf of bread – and why it matters to him. "There’s this kind of connection that’s formed with our ancestors in the process… In this day and age when bread production has become so commercialized and to try and experiment with doing it the way our ancestors do it really forms a connection," said Lee.

Xiao Juan Shu also participated in the Ortega branch recording. She told the story of reconnecting with her mother's love through the pleasure of simple Chinese cooking.

On June 12, Hear Here producers ventured outside the public library system and into a public school. At Oakland’s Laurel Elementary, parents participating in a monthly food distribution program opened up about finding access to nutritious food and shared other food memories.

This is just the beginning of Hear Here’s year-long effort to collect Oakland and San Francisco stories. If you have a story* you’d like to share – and maybe hear on the air – email hearhereradio@gmail.com to sign up for a time at one of the following upcoming recording dates:

  • Tues., July 17, Oakland Public Library, 81st Ave. Branch (12:30 - 4:30pm)
  • Thur., July 26, San Francisco Public Library, Visitacion Valley Branch (2 - 6pm)
  • Wed., August 15, San Francisco Public Library, Western Addition (1 - 4pm)
  • Sat., August 25, Oakland Public Library, 81st Ave. Branch (12 - 4pm)
  • Sat, September 22nd, Oakland Public Library, Cesar Chavez Branch (1:30 - 4:30pm)
  • Sat., October 20, Oakland Public Library, Cesar Chavez Branch (1:30 - 5:30pm)

*Hear Here will focus on the theme of Eat: in June and July; the theme of Play in August and September; and the theme of Love in October, but won’t turn away a great story!