How San Francisco's Mission District has responded to new temporary homeless shelters

Jun 28, 2017



The city has three active Navigation Centers now. The first opened in 2015 in the Mission District. Soon, the Mission will get a temporary second one that will cost two-and-a-half million dollars to operate for about half-a-year. Laura Waxmann is a reporter with Mission Local, who focuses much of her work on homelessness. She explained how the Navigation Center initiative has changed and expanded over the last few years.


WAXMANN: I think there needs to be services in other neighborhoods as well, I believe that. But I do see the point of having a navigation center near a homeless encampment. People have property, people have things that they can't move by themselves — people have communities . . . I do see the point of keeping people close to their community.

Laura Waxmann is a reporter with Mission Local, a news source serving San Francisco’s Mission District.