HowellDevine - Jumps Boogies and Wobbles

Sep 14, 2013

Receive a copy of HowellDevine's album "Jumps, Boogies & Wobbles," as featured on A Patchwork Quilt! Yours for a pledge of $75 or above.

The first Arhoolie blues release in 25 years, "Jumps, Boogies & Wobbles" is a sensation. The artist, HowellDevine, is a new retro-blues trio co-led by Pete Devine and singer, guitarist, and harmonica blower Joshua Howell.

They are wild, juxtaposing interesting syncopations and jazz beats. Drummer Devine and contrabassist Joe Kyle Jr. are in their own dynamic creative realm, approaching the rhythm in a free, almost avant-garde way.