Illustrator Sanaa Khan on making art, zines and community in the East Bay

Aug 22, 2017

East Bay illustrator, painter and printmaker Sanaa Khan makes work that spans mediums, but usually revolves around the humorous, fun and surreal.

A recent zine she made — printed by Tiny Splendor, the small press collective she helps run — is called “The Urge to Regurge.”

"Lupine Drive (Immigrants Make America Great)"
Credit Painting by Sanaa Khan

Recently she created a series of paintings called "Immigrants Make America Great," as part of a group exhibition responding to the 2016 election. The paintings reflect on moments in Khan's Pakistani-American family, in rich watercolor and photorealistic detail.

Sanaa Khan’s solo show, Tears of Empathy, runs through the end of the month at Tara’s Organic Ice Cream and Gallery in Oakland.