Thu August 9, 2012
Arts & Culture

Jazz Perspectives: Jane Monheit

Jane Monheit has had a successful career as a jazz vocalist for over 10 years. As she reached her 30's, she has had to juggle raising a child with the stress of performing on the road. In this Jazz Perspective, Reese Erlich asks her about her 2010 CD, "Home," and her life at home.

JANE MONHEIT: "It's been a drastic change... Honestly, it's made me enjoy my work more than I ever have before. When you're mommy all of the time, no matter how much you love your child, it becomes very important to have a part of your life that's just for you -- because a happy fulfilled parent is a better parent."

Jane Monheit is playing tomorrow night at the Napa Valley Opera House, in Napa. And you can hear all of Reese Erlich's Jazz Perspectives at the Jazz Corner.

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