Mon August 4, 2014
Arts & Culture

Liner Notes: The Melodic


In August on KALW, Max Jacobs, co-creator of the "Bay Area Beats" series on Crosscurrents, presents four pilots of a new program he's calling Liner Notes. Liner Notes invites today's musicians to explore the inspirations behind their work. In each hour, Max sits down with a musician to spin the records that made them want to make music. Whether it's the first song they heard their grandmother sing or an unexpected guilty pleasure, you'll hear the stories of the music that matters to them and how it's shaped them.

On this week's Liner Notes he was joined by the British band The Melodic, who have burst onto the scene this past year with music that has been described as neo-Chilean afro folk dance music. It's no surprise that the records they brought in are literally all over the map.

Tune in next Wednesday night (and every Wednesday in August) for the latest episode or stream live at 11 right after Fog City Blues on KALW 91.7 fm.

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