Meet Hear Here at Sunday Streets on July 22nd!

Jul 10, 2012

The Hear Here pop-up booth is almost here! Watch our designer as he negotiates the painting (and spelling) of the giant letters.

This week, Oakland design firm Ministers of the Environment will deliver Hear Here's latest addition – a mobile recording booth and multi-dimensional tunnel of life-sized letters spelling out the project name, all made out of industrial-strength cardboard. Then it will be time for Hear Here producers to learn to assemble the modular structure, like a giant piece of IKEA furniture without the cartoon instruction booklet.

That’s just the beginning of the handcrafted life this roving pop-up booth will lead. As the structure follows the Hear Here project to parks and plazas throughout Oakland and San Francisco, it will provide an opportunity for the public to join an ongoing design process. While the front-facing sides of the letters will be painted in brilliant, solid color, the backs will be coated with chalkboard paint. Passers by will be invited to write a message to the project in response to various prompts or to respond in writing to a story they’ve heard.

Participants in Hear Here interviews will also leave their mark on the pop-up booth. Mounted photos of past interviewees will tile the interior of the tunnel created by the letters, with a QR code link to that participant’s audio story. Anyone walking through the tunnel with a smartphone and headphones can scan the link, and get to know someone new right there on the spot. 

Pop-Up Launch Party at Sunday Streets!

Come leave your mark on Hear Here’s new pop-up booth at Sunday Streets in San Francisco’s Bayview/Dogpatch neighborhood on July 22. You can share your story in the mobile recording booth, leave a message on the chalkboard wall, hear stories that have been collected so far, and watch local muralists and aerosol artists paint portions of the structure. It's all happening at Espirit Park (Minnesota and 20th Streets in SF) from 11am to 3pm.

To share your story at this event, email to sign up for an interview time in advance.

To see what it looks like when Hear Here producers attempt to construct the mobile structure for the first time, follow Hear Here on FacebookTumblr, or @hearhereradio on Instagram for photos.

To find out where the Hear Here project will be popping up near you, follow @hearhereradio on Twitter.