A new project documents the ripple effect of every Oakland homicide in 2017

Feb 21, 2018

In 2017, there were 77 homicides in Oakland. Our friends at the podcast Snap Judgment reported on each one.

All last year, they explored the stories of the people who were lost to violence, and their families, and communities. The result of this yearlong reporting project is a new documentary called Counted: An Oakland Story.

Producers Anna Sussman and Adizah Egan joined Hana Baba in studio to talk about the process of making it.

"Since the number has gone down, a lot of the press around it has also gone down. But there are still people who are dying. And a lot of them are young Black men, and their families who they leave behind. And so we wanted to capture what the ripple effect of homicide looks like for a family in Oakland right now."

Counted: An Oakland Story will be released on February 28 on the Snap Judgment podcast.