The next generation of theater artists develop their voice with Las Hociconas

Mar 6, 2018

When theater artist Sarita Ocón started working as an actor in the Bay Area, she felt like something was missing, especially for a new generation of female, queer, and gender-expansive artists of color in the Bay Area.

To fill that hole, she came up with an artist residency program called Las Hociconas. It's named for a Spanish word that's sometimes translated to mean a woman who's a loudmouth.

This is the program’s first year, and 12 emerging performing artists have been meeting every Saturday for the past few months to workshop with more established artists in dance, theater, writing and more.

Sarita spoke to KALW’s Jen Chien about why she saw a need for a program like Las Hociconas.

"The way I see hocicona today is what happens when we allow ourselves and give ourselves permission to own our strength, own our fierce perspectives on the world."

Las Hociconas will be showcasing and celebrating their work Saturday, March 3; Thursday, March 8; and Friday, March 9, at Studio Grand in Oakland.