Nine ideas to solve San Francisco's housing crisis

Aug 21, 2014

San Francisco's housing crisis has been making headlines for a while now. It’s hard to avoid the numerous news reports on skyrocketing rent prices, controversial evictions, or horror stories of terrible housing situations. But, there’s been far less coverage of what actual solutions there might be for these issues.

One outlet that is exploring solutions is the San Francisco Public Press. In its latest edition, "Creative Solutions to the Housing Crisis", the paper lists nine innovative approaches San Francisco can take to help solve the crisis. Editor Noah Arroyo explores some with us. One idea is building backyard cottages.

NOAH ARROYO: It's a type of housing that a homeowner, say somebody who has a backyard, can build. There are a lot of cities, like Seattle, like Portland, Oregon, that are really running with this idea. In fact, there are cities that have given homeowners how-to guides on how to do this type of housing. In San Francisco, you don't see that. 

Read about all nine housing ideas in the latest edition of the San Francisco Public Press, Creative Solutions to the Housing Crisis.

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