Oakland Mayoral Race '14: Candidate Patrick McCullough | KALW

Oakland Mayoral Race '14: Candidate Patrick McCullough

Oct 13, 2014


It’s time to hear from another candidate in the Oakland Mayoral Race, Patrick McCullough, who first gained public notoriety back in 2005 after he shot and wounded a teenager in the driveway of his North Oakland home. McCullough says the shooting was an act of self-defense necessary in a neighborhood plagued by crime and intimidation. KALW’s Julie Caine visited McCullough at home to talk about his vision for public safety in Oakland.

PATRICK MCCULLOUGH: I really want to -- and I know I will once I'm elected -- make Oakland a safer place. It's just ridiculous how it is now. There's way too much righteous fear for one's safety. There's fear that keeps people away from Oakland, so that cuts down our economic progress. And I hear there's no hope among the young people….and that's been this vicious cycle we've been locked into.  

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