The Parks of San Francisco: What's in Store for our Urban Oases

Jan 24, 2011

Host: Lauren Meltzer

Producer: Susan Britton

They are our collective backyard, our respite from urban stresses, a source of entertainment and enlightenment, our glimpse of the wild. But beloved though they are, San Francisco's more than 220 public parks, playgrounds and open spaces present a host of challenges for those charged with their management. Facing an unprecedented budget shortfall, the city's Recreation and Park Department must by next month propose a ten percent cut in the park's budget and an additional ten percent cut as a contingency -- on top of reductions already implemented last year.

What form will these cuts take?  What are some of the creative -- and controversial -- proposals the City is advancing to generate revenue for the parks? Will budget limitations affect important priorities such as ensuring public safety in the parks? How, in our diverse city, do we determine which sites, programs and activities, if any, take precedence over others? And can history guide us as we seek to ensure that our parks provide the greatest good for the greatest number?  Join us to discuss these issues and more, and to find out what you can do to support your favorite city park.