Queer Histories in Dance - New productions in S.F. and Oakland

Mar 22, 2012

This week's Out in the Bay features two new Bay Area dance productions.  In LandHome, Great-Uncle Billy was killed 30 years ago in Cleveland for "how he dressed."  The Secret History of Love delves into the speakeasies, cabarets and other meeting places of decades past when queer love was even more illegal than now. 

Choreographers and dancers Sean Dorsey, Sheena Johnson, and Atasiea (Kenneth Ferguson) share their stories and their work with host Eric Jansen and you.  

LandHome is at Temescal Arts Center, 511 - 48th St., Oakland, Friday and Saturday, March 30 & 31. Info:  http://sheenajohnsonrebelhome.blogspot.com/

The Secret History of Love is at Dance Mission Theater, 3316 - 24th St., San Francisco, Thursday - Sunday, March 29 - April 1.  Info:  www.SeanDorseyDance.com