Mon May 13, 2013
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Radio Ambulante: La caída de River / The Fall of River Plate

In 2011, River Plate, one of the most famous soccer clubs in South America, was relegated to the Argentine Second Division. From Buenos Aires, Cristian Alarcón shares the story of a soccer catastrophe that shook an entire nation.

En 2011, River Plate, uno de los clubes más famosos de Sudamérica, descendió a la segunda división del fútbol argentino. Desde Buenos Aires, Cristian Alarcón nos presenta la historia una catástrofe futbolística que convulsionó a todo un país.

Please Note: This story is in Spanish and is an episode of Radio Ambulante, a new Spanish-language podcast produced at KALW. Go to the Radio Ambulante program page to learn more.

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