Radio Poets 2016: Valerie Martinez

Apr 8, 2016

Valerie Martinez is a student at E.R. Taylor School in San Francisco.
Credit AmericaSCORES



There’s No Place Like Home

Valerie Martinez, ER Taylor Elementary School


Home is where I was born and raised

Home is where my heart lives

Home made me

The city by the bay, Where we can say “Heyy’

My Magical land, come on and join my band

This is my home


The coldest summer

The warmest fall

The grooviest fog will make you feel like a frog

Beware don’t fall on the log because there’s a hairy dog 

Chilly nights will make you shiver, burrrrr!

Rain or shine that city is mine


People from all over the world make San Francisco 

We are a melting pot and together make one

From Central and South America to the Islands and Ice Land

This city is so pretty, not so itty bitty


Food is so good 

With one bite you will feel delight

Sure to be excited would soon want to be reunited

From raw sushi to bravos cheesy pizza

Indian curry to Salvadorian pupusas

Anything your stomach wants, my city has it


From La Mission to Bayview

From Ocean Beach to Golden Gate 

From Squeaky cable cars to fisherman wharf

This is my city come my way by the bay

Hooray! They say

I love you, my beloved city, San Francisco