Radio Poets 2018: Wendy Sanchez Colaj, "The Stars"

Apr 16, 2018


The Stars

By Wendy Sanchez Colaj, E.R. Taylor Elementary School

The stars twinkle twinkle twinkle

All throughout the night they are so bright...

I can't stop looking at them

I wish I could put them on my hand!!

The sun rise the sun is up I'm sad

The stars are gone but I know

I will see them at night

The stars say goodbye see you at night.

Stars hear stars

There are stars everywhere 

I see Stars day and night 

The sun is a very big star

I give the stars five stars!

Stars are cool and strong like a bull 

They are shiny almost like a diamond

But the stars are stronger. 

(music: Sleepy Tea by Chon)