Wed April 16, 2014
Radio Poets 4/17

Radio Poets: Justin Rubio

"I Found A Rock" by Justin Rubio
Justin Rubio is a student at San Francisco's E. R. Taylor Elementary School, where he writes poetry and plays soccer as part of the AmericaSCORES program.  KALW is proud to bring his voice to the air during National Poetry Month.

I Found a Rock

By Justin Rubio

E.R. Taylor

5th Grade


I found a rock it was pretty heavy so

When I picked it up I fell on my 

Knee it hurt but I didn’t care

 Did I mention it was gold and shiny


I found Simon he had a 

Diamond it was as big as a bike

He gave it to me for that shiny rock


I found a found but there

Were arms holding it, I inserted

 the diamond and it gave me the fossil.


I went into the pueblo

And traded it for a treasure chest.


The chest was full of treasures

I had already found so I sold

It for an adventure


On the adventure I found

My destiny, found more treasures

And got wealthier. 

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