Richmond teens tackle dating violence — through theater

May 9, 2016

At the RYSE Youth Center in Richmond, there are classes in music, video production, visual arts, writing and acting. Every year, all the students come together to create a multimedia show, and they're the ones in charge of the whole event, from the concept to the actual production.  

GEMIKIA HENDERSON: "We try to make them as comfortable as possible, but we tell them, 'You are playing a character that has done that, you are not that person.'"

KALW’s Jen Chien sat down with RYSE Center’s Performing Arts Coordinator Molly Raynor and lead playwright Gemikia Henderson. She spoke to them about this year’s show, “Fairytale." 

“Fairytale” will show from May 14-15 at the El Cerrito Performing Arts Theater.