San Francisco Election

Nov 7, 2011

Host: Joseph Pace

Producer: Susan Britton

San Franciscans go to the polls tomorrow to elect a next mayor, district attorney and sheriff and to decide the fate of eight local ballot measures. This hour, our expert panel will dissect the candidates' positions, explore the pros and cons of the propositions and attempt to answer your lingering questions about pension reform, ranked choice voting, our city's new campaign finance rules and any other election issue you'd care to talk about. What do you think are our city's most pressing challenges, and which candidates are best equipped to rise to those challenges? Which ballot initiatives will earn your yes vote? Or are you among the ranks of the politically disaffected who a predicted to sit this election out? Join us to discuss these issues and more and to tell us how you will vote, and why.


  • Corey Cook, Assistant Professor of Politics at the University of San Francisco. He is also the Director of the University's Leo T. McCarthy Center for Public Service and the Common Good.
  •  Alex Clemens, a political strategist and founder of Barbary Coast Consulting, a San Francisco-based public affairs firm. He is also a lecturer affiliated with the University of San Francisco's McCarthy Center.