San Francisco youth demand resources in low-income communities of color

Mar 27, 2018


On this edition of Your Call, we’re speaking with local youth about the changes they want to see.

At Saturday’s March for Our Lives rally in Washington DC, youth from South Los Angeles to Chicago demanded gun control and resources: fully funded schools, after school programs, paid internships, and good jobs. We’ll speak with Bay Area youth who live in neighborhoods that have been neglected by politicians. In an area with so much wealth, far too many youth are being left behind. What challenges do they face? What changes would they like to see?


Myla Turner, a junior at Independence High School

Jennifer Moreno David, a senior at Balboa High School

Katelyn Neroza, a sophomore at Ruth Asawa School of the Arts

Eshanti Ned, a sophomore at Balboa High School

Jesse Osorio, Health Education Coordinator at 3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic

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