San Francisco's Hunters Point: An in-depth series from KALW News

Jun 6, 2014

San Francisco's Hunters Point Shipyard has played many roles. In the 1940s, it became a magnet for African Americans migrating from the South seeking jobs in the Navy's shipbuilding and maintenance industry. In the 1970s, when the military started to leave, it became an empty shell – a massive, polluted space eventually designated a Superfund site. Now, it's being redeveloped with the promise of new housing, jobs and open space. But in today's San Francisco, who is it for?

This week on Crosscurrents, KALW Audio Academy member Daphne Matziaraki takes us on a four-part tour of the San Francisco Shipyard. We'll hear about its history, talk with the neighborhood activists who pushed the Navy and the city to protect their interests, we'll see whether the mandated local jobs requirement is being met and consider who will get jobs there in the future, and we'll evaluate the legacy of environmental degradation and what's being done to ensure residents' safety.

An in-depth series on San Francisco's largest redevelopment project: The Shipyard. All this week on Crosscurrents from KALW News.  Monday-Thursday at 5pm.