The Spot 4.3.14 Racial profiling, neknomination, and Kurt Cobain

Apr 3, 2014

Youth Radio podcast: "An on-line challenge turns deadly"  An online drinking challenge made popular in the UK and Australia has already been responsible for five deaths of men under 30 years old. Youth Radio’s Rafael Johns and his friends have been monitoring this trend on YouTube wondering if it will hit in the US.

Life of the Law: "Trouble with Profiling"  Border Patrol agents are only allowed to stop a car if they have ‘reasonable suspicion’ that something illegal is going on. But does looking ‘Mexican’ count? The answer depends whom you ask, and where you are.

Blank on Blank: "Kurt Cobain the Lost Interview"  Jon Savage interviewed Kurt Cobain in 1993 for a profile that ran in The Observer. This interview has rarely been heard until now.