Steve Coll on the C.I.A. and America’s secret wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Feb 12, 2018


On this edition of Your Call, we’ll have a conversation with Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist Steve Coll about his new book Directorate S: the C.I.A. and America’s Secret Wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The book details how the CIA, Pakistan’s ISI, and Afghanistan's intelligence agencies influenced the rise of the war in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban, and the violence that fostered a revival of Al-Qaeda and other extremist forces. Seventeen years after the US invaded Afghanistan, what is its end game? 


Steve Coll, dean of the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University, staff writer at The New Yorker, and author of Directorate S: The C.I.A. and America’s Secret Wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan

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