Thu August 30, 2012
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StoryCorps: What about same-sex divorce?

When Emily McGranachan was a child, her mothers decided to end their long-term relationship. McGranachan sat down with San Francisco StoryCorps to explain what it is like for a child when two parents of the same-sex split up, and how having a legally married status comes with the additional privilege of the ability for a legal divorce.

EMILY MCGRANACHAN: When my parents, my mother Kathy and Nancy broke up... it was never seen on the same stage as a divorce. Even in my family... I reacted the way that a child would when their parents got divorced. I don’t think anybody in my family has ever seen it like that.

Listen to the story above. This interview was facilitated by Rose Arrieta and edited by KALW’s Ashleyanne Krigbaum.

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