Tackling Oakland's child trafficking problem through film

Jun 19, 2014


Oakland activist and filmmaker Sheri Shuster has been advocating against the sex trafficking of youth for more than a decade. Her new film, 'Child Sex Trafficking: A Story About Love,' exposes and explores the world of girl trafficking in Oakland through the story and activism of trafficking survivor Leah Albright-Byrd. 

Shuster says these girls shouldn’t be called prostitutes- they are child sex slaves and have many complex issues that need to be addressed. 

SHERI SHUSTER: "It's really a lack of love that made children vulnerable to being recruited. The girls that were being trafficked- they didn't have one single adult looking out for them. They didn't have one person in their lives that was making sure they were protected and safe. Most of these young girls and boys are learning at a young age that love comes at a cost. They're learning in the home that this false love is also coming with violence and sexual abuse and extreme neglect."

The film Child Sex Trafficking: A Story About Love is in production and will be out early 2015.

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