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Talking about a quieter Art Murmur

Feb 28, 2013

It’s the last day of February. That means tomorrow people will gather in the streets to celebrate arts and culture at Oakland Art Murmur’s public event, First Friday. The day carries extra weight this time around, because of what happened at the last First Friday. Things were going well until about ten minutes before 11pm, when a shooting resulted in one death and three injuries, and the incident shocked people who have been patronizing the event since its beginning seven years ago. 

In the aftermath of the Art Murmur shooting, will people stay away? Or will First Friday continue to draw thousands? KALW’s Ashleyanne Krigbaum hit Telegraph Avenue in Oakland to see how residents are reacting.

CHRISTOPHER HUSSEY: Allowing people to express themselves freely with art and through whatever means that they feel they can convey their essence to others is fantastic and it’s something the world’s missing a little bit too much of.

Oakland’s First Friday has some new rules this time around—no public alcohol drinking, and the event will end an hour earlier at 9pm.

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