Thanks for giving your support to small, but mighty KALW!

Sep 11, 2013

Thank you to everyone who contributed to KALW during our “small, but mighty” September membership campaign.  More than 2500 people gave during the campaign, including more than 450 new members. 

As the drive wrapped up, KALW listeners had contributed more that $292,000 to support Local Public Radio.  That was short of our goal of $350,000, but given that we made a commitment to a shorter drive, and the fact that we’d already extended it  by a day, we decided to wind the fundraiser down.

Fortunately, thanks to the generous support of the community in recent years, KALW is in a good financial position – and in the coming weeks, we're confident that people who care about and appreciate this station will help us close the gap.

These campaigns are a wonderful time to reinforce this connection to this amazing community.  Thanks for always being there with us, and here’s to doing much more together.