Today on Your Call: What makes a good charity?

Dec 23, 2013


On today's Your Call, we’ll rebroadcast a conversation we had about how to find out if a charity is trustworthy and effective. The Center for Investigative Reporting issued a report this year called “ America 's Worst Charities.”  It says: “Hundreds of charities claim to help those in need. But of the millions of dollars raised each year, how much goes to cancer patients, disabled veterans, and dying children? Almost nothing.”  So what questions should we be asking about the organizations we donate to?  How can your dollars do the most good?  That’s on the next Your Call, with Holly Kernan and you.


Kris Hundley, investigative reporter for the Tampa Bay Times; co-reporter (with Kendall Taggart of the Center for Investigative Reporting) of the 3 part series: "America's Worst Charities"

Kendall Taggart, reporter at The Center for Investigative Reporting in Berkeley; co-reporter (with Kris Hundley of the Tampa Bay Times) of the 3 part series: "America's Worst Charities"


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