Today on Your Call: What is in the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Jun 10, 2013


On today’s Your Call, we’ll have a conversation about the United States’ latest trade agreement. The secrecy behind the negations has promoted over 400 grassroots organizations to call for public involvement. They’re calling the TPP a super-sized NAFTA that allows foreign corporations to override domestic laws on environmental health and citizens’ rights. What do you want to know about the TPP and why have the details been kept secret? It’s Your Call, with Rose Aguilar and you.

 Guests: Ben Beachy, research director with Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch Katitza Rodriguez, international rights director at Electronic Frontier Foundation Arthur Stamoulis, executive director of Citizens Trade Campaign Web Resources: EFF: Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement  Citizens Trade Campaign Public Citizen: TPP: Corporate Power Tool of the 1%