Today on Your Call: What's the power of political protest music? | KALW

Today on Your Call: What's the power of political protest music?

Oct 3, 2013

On today's Your Call we’ll talk about the legacy of political protest through music and where it’s alive today. The annual Hardly Strictly bluegrass music festival comes to San Francisco this weekend and some of the musicians showcased there, like Billy Bragg, are known for their political approach to song-writing.  So what do you think is the power of political protest through music?  And what are your favorite examples?  Join the conversation on the next Your Call with Rose Aguilar and You.


Kevin Vance, announcer/operator on KALW; and host and producer of A Patchwork Quilt on KALW as well

Billy Bragg, UK born singer-songwriter and activist

Erin Potts, executive director of Air Traffic Control


Billy Bragg

KALW: A Patchwork Quilt

ShowBams:10 most important Political Protest Songs of the last 50 years

Music discussed on the program:1. "I love the life of freedom." -Popular Arabic song in the early 20th century2.  "Traveling Soldier" -Dixie Chicks3. "I am not at war with anyone." -Luca Bloom4. "Give Peace a Chance" -John Lennon5.  Artist Joe Hill6.  Artist Betsy Rose (  "We shall overcome." Joan Baez8.  Artist Steve Earl9.  "Make shift patriot" -Sage Francis10. "Big Yellow Taxi" -Joni Mithchell11. "We shall overcome." -Bruce Springsteen12. "Waste Deep in the Big Muddy" -Richard Shendell (originally Pete Seeger)13. "Living for the city" - Steve Wonder14. "What's going on." -Marvin Gaye15. "Open letter to a landlord" -Living Color16. "Lies" by the Waifs17. Artist System of a Down18. Rappers in Greece19. Rodriquez20. Bob Marley21. Weavers22. "Ain't no reason" Brett Dennan23. "Same love." Mackelmore24 "Johnny I hardly knew you" -Irish Song25. Grace Petri26. Get Cape Wear Cape Fly27. "The A team" Ed Sheeran28. "You are thecrown of creation" Jferrson29. "Four Dead in Ohio " CSNY30. "Which side are you on"31. "Jerusalem" Alpha Blonnie (sp?)32. Artist Lucky Dubay (sp)33. Thomas Manfuno (sp) 34. "Dancing on the ruins of multinational corporations" Kacie Neal