The tourist approach to encountering kindness

Aug 20, 2013

Have you ever driven up to a toll booth and been waved on because the car before you had paid your toll? Or perhaps have you had a total stranger offer you help when you needed it most? These random acts of kindness get little exposure, but they happen. Every day.

Brooke Welty was inspired to document these as an exercise in self-inspiration. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, she traveled the country interviewing random people about their experiences receiving kindness from others. She spoke with women at a rehab center in Birmingham, Alabama and with a Blues singer in Memphis, a diner owner in Brandon, Missouri and and ex-marine in Steamboat, Colorado.

Her Kindness Project resulted in a blog and audio archive. Brooke shares one interview from San Francisco’s Alemany Flea Market, where she met Ali Binazir.  

Click the audio player above to hear the story.