Tunisia's fledgling democracy, through the eyes of two young women

Jan 25, 2017

Tunisia stands alone among the nations that went through Arab Spring revolutions, in successfully forging and sustaining a democratic government after toppling a dictator.

The new documentary A Revolution in Four Seasons follows two young Tunisian women - one secular, and one Islamist - through the post-revolution era, as they each pursue their passion for a democratic future for their country. The movie was filmed over four years, and weaves the personal and political journeys of the two women into the fabric of Tunisia’s history in the making.

KALW’s Jen Chien sat down with San Francisco-based filmmakers Jessie Deeter, who wrote and directed the film, and Sara Maamouri, who co-produced and co-edited, to talk about what it was like to follow these women’s stories

"Tunisian people, and the Arab people, and the Muslim people in general, they deserve democracy, and they can live in a democratic atmosphere. I have to give my people this hope."

"A Revolution in Four Seasons" will screen on February 11 and February 12 as part of SF IndieFest.