UC Hastings professor explains how liberals are 'clueless about class'

Sep 12, 2017

Since Donald Trump won the presidency, we’ve been hearing more and more about a disenchanted white working class that was fed up with a system that they say wasn’t working for them.

A class that felt unheard, and voted — some out of racism, but many out of frustration. Joan Williams is a professor of law at University of California Hastings School of the Law in San Francisco, and Director of the Center for Work-Life Law there.

She says, as a country, we are ‘clueless about class’. And especially, she says, her fellow liberal elites. Her new book is called White Working Class: Overcoming Class Cluelessness in America

"I am not one of those people who said we should look at race or gender because class is all there is. Class is not all there is. But class is important. And we have been overlooking it for far too long."

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