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Understanding the Quantified Self

Nov 27, 2012

City Visions explores the growing "quantified self" movement in the Bay Area. Proponents say that gathering, analyzing -- and sharing-- data about our everyday activities can help us sleep better, lose weight, avoid disease, stay happier and live longer. What kinds of self-tracking technologies are out there, and is there ever such a thing as too much self-knowledge?


Paul Abramson, Medical Director of My Doctor Medical Group, a private practice he founded in San Francisco, and member of the clinical faculty at UCSF. A former electrical engineer and programmer, Paul has been self-tracking for a number of years.

Ashley Tudor, a design strategist who focuses on innovation and health. She is also the author of Sweet Potato Power, a guide to nutrition and self-monitoring to optimize health. In 2010, Mayor Gavin Newsom named Ashley one of San Francisco's top innovators in health.

Jim Kean, CEO and founder of WellnessFX, a San Francisco-based company that provides biometrics tests, consultations and a web-based platform for consumers to organize and track their health-related data. Jim is a veteran of online health, having founded Sapient Health Network, which became the foundation of WebMD's consumer health business. He is also an avid CrossFittter and competes at the masters level.  


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