What's it Really Like to be an Optometrist? (airs 9/16/12 on Work with Marty Nemko)

Jul 13, 2012

When I was selecting the careers for U.S. News' Best Careers feature, optometrist ranked #1.  It excelled in success rate with customers, salary, prestige, and quality of life.

On Sep. 16, 2012 edition of Work with Marty Nemko, I'll talk with top optometrist and U.C. Berkeley adjunct instructor, Dr. Larry Sarver about what it's really like to be an optometrist. Planned questions: 

What might surprise an educated person about what it's really like to be an optometrist?

What, in the end, differentiates the excellent clinician from the mediocre one?

I'd imagine the best ways to develop good clinical judgment is to intern with a great clinician and then join his or her practice and ask for lots of input. Is that correct?

Give me an example or two of where clinical judgment is critical and not easy?

Do you think cost-control pressures will move states to allow opticians to do refractions? Or the machines (which some optometrists only half-jokingly refer to as "random number generators?"

In the 2nd half of the show, I'll invite listeners to call in for a Three-Minute Workover, in which I try to help callers solve their work woes. I intersperse my favorite new career tips. 

The show will air Sep. 16, 2012 at 11 am.

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