Your Call SF Election Special: Ballot measures for education, housing & tasers

Apr 25, 2018


Every Wednesday through Election Day until the day after June 5th, Rose Aguilar will host a special second hour of Your Call at 11 a.m. focusing on San Francisco's crucial mayoral race, local propositions, regional measures, and ranked choice voting.

This week, we’ll talk about ballot propositions affecting housing, education, legal representation for renters, and Tasers. We’ll also discuss ranked choice voting. What questions do you have about what's on the ballot?


Tim Redmond, founder and editor of 48 Hills

Joe Eskenazi, San Francisco based journalist, and a columnist for Mission Local

Nuala Sawyer, news editor for SF Weekly

Web Resources:



SF Weekly:  November Ballot Measure Could Raise $300M for Homelessness Support

San Jose Mercury: Measures to fund child care reach the ballot in two California counties

Mission Local: Taser Wars: Police Commission gamely moves to vote on stun gun policy likely to be undone by ballot measure