Your Call special: What's being done to save CCSF?

Sep 19, 2013

On a special edition of Your Call Thursday at 11am, join us to continue our conversation on CCSF's impending loss of accreditation. The accrediting body has been found out of compliance with the Department of Education. City Attorney Dennis Herrera has filed a suit against the ACCJC. What does this mean for the future of CCSF? Administrators, faculty and students, and now city politicians are all fighting in different ways to keep the school open. In what capacity will the school operate in the future? It's Your Call, with Rose Aguilar and you, in a special second hour. 


Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez, staff reporter with the San Francisco Bay Guardian 


Tarik Farrar, Chair of African-American Studies and part of the SaveCCSF Coalition


Larry Kamer, advisor to the State Chancellor of Community Colleges on the CCSF issue. He works closely with the Special Trustee, Mayor's office, and State Chancellor's staff.


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