Your Call: US bombing of Afghanistan; climate change in the Arctic and sea level rise

Apr 14, 2017

On Thursday, the US military dropped a massive 22,000-pound bomb in eastern Afghanistan. How are the media covering the human cost of the “war on terror” in Afghanistan?

We will also discuss a new SF Public Press report about climate change, sea level rise, and waterfront development in San Francisco, and an Inside Climate News report about US-Russia climate change policies. Like Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin denies that humans are causing climate change. He also says the melting Arctic will benefit Russia’s economy. What grabbed your attention this week?


Ali Latifi, journalist based in Kabul

Neela Banerjee, senior reporter for InsideClimate News

Michael Stoll,  executive director and editor of the San Francisco Public Press

Web Resources:

Tolo News: EU-Turkey Deal ‘A Stain On Europe’s Conscience’

InsideClimate News: Russia and the U.S. Could Be Partners in Climate Change Inaction

San Francisco Public Press